EBIOSS Energy, through its technology subsidiary EQTEC Iberia, has signed a new exclusive agreement with the company ZEBEC Energy Ltd. for the development of a Waste Gasification Plant to be installed in Usk (United Kingdom). ZEBEC Energy Ltd. company founded in 2008, developer of energy projects Renewable energy in the UK has relied on the proven gasification technology EQTEC Gasifier Technology for its new electric power generation project and thermal treatment that consists of the repowering of the gasification technology in an already existing project of the power generation plant based on 9 Syngas generators.

The project, located in the municipality of Usk, has an electrical power of 6.4 MWe and the treatment capacity of the new gasification plant will be up to 42,000 Tonnes of wood waste per year. The project has the permits of the Energy generation activity and, currently, of the permits to the new gasification technology of EQTEC. The validity of the permits will allow the company ZEBEC Energy Ltd. to reduce the processing time of development of the project to obtain its financing and start of construction. EBIOSS, through its subsidiary EQTEC Iberia, will be responsible for the design, supply, assembly and start-up under the “turnkey” modality of the biomass gasification. The agreement is binding on all parties. The investment estimated of the repowering project is 15 million euros and billing estimated for EQTEC will be 11.1 million euros from 2018.

In addition, EBIOSS has ensured under this agreement the possibility of acquiring up to 15% of the company that operates the power generation plant.