On January 7, 2018, EBIOSS Energy SE has signed a strategic alliance agreement (Joint Venture) with CN-NL Waste Solution Co. LTD, a leading company dedicated to waste management in China and a subsidiary of the FOSUN Financial Group.

FOSUN is a Chinese financial group with assets worth approx. of 62,000 million euros and an EBITDA of 3,070 million euros in 2016. The group, with more than 50,000 employees around the world, has a long tradition of investments worldwide such as Club Med, Cirque du Soleil, Fidelidade, Thomas Cook, Folli Follie among others.

The great strategic interest of FOSUN for the environmental sector and in particular for the waste sector, has culminated in an alliance between CN-NL and EBIOSS for the manufacture and implementation of WINTTEC technologies in Asia. The pillars of the agreement are:

1. Creation of a company in China with the participation of 60% CN-NL and 40% EBIOSS for the commercialization of WINTTEC equipment in China, as well as in Southeast Asia. This Joint Venture company will hold the manufacturing rights of the Bigtainer Duo and Minitainer models, as well as the marketing rights of the smart technologies developed by WINTTEC in recent years.

2.  CN-NL makes its factory available for the manufacture of WINTTEC  equipment worldwide, thus reducing costs, increasing estimated margins and thus be more competitive in European and international markets.

3. CN-NL will finance the manufacture of the equipment produced in its facilities, notably reducing the working capital needs of WINTTEC .

4. Cover large international projects thanks to the new productive capacity.

5. Order already taken of 20 technological elements of the Bigtainer Duo compactor model valued at € 840,000  for the immediate start-up of several show-rooms in several cities in China and thus accelerate the process of commencing commercialization. These equipment will be delivered between January and June of this year. Additionally, € 160,000 will be paid for the transfer of rights to use the Bigtainer Duo  and Minitainer  technology. This contract has a great value for the shareholders of EBIOSS  as it manages to reinforce its intelligent waste management technology from WINTTEC  in the Asian market and more immediately in the market Chinese. The signing of this contract is the result of many months of negotiations and different due diligence of the Company. The EBIOSS  management team has signed this contract considering the CN-NL partner as the ideal candidate to undertake our future strategic growth plan in Asia for the following reasons:

– Market leader in the systems segment of solid waste transfer stations in China. – Technical capacity to execute the Joint Venture in situ. 

– Knowledge and interest in the technology and the sector of intelligent waste management. 

– Great international presence in the waste collection sector, especially in the Asian and Chinese markets, strategic for EBIOSS. 

– Financial capacity, both in financing projects and own resources that allow to reduce and / or avoid investments by EBIOSS. 

Likewise, the signing of this contract allows EBIOSS to expand its international presence, thanks to the financial strength and easy access to financing of its new partner CN-NL.