About Ebioss Group

EBIOSS Energy SE is an international technology group in the waste management sector whose main technologies are the Gasification of waste from RDF and Biomass – with an innovative and exclusive technology EQTEC Gasifier Technology – as well as the intelligent management of urban waste by means of underground containers managed by radio frequency – through IT technology from Winttec.

The Group has worked for leading clients including Electricité de France, GDF Suez (ENGIE), Repsol, Endesa, Técnicas Reunidas or Gas Natural, and suppliers such as Siemens or General Electric.

EBIOSS Energy SE is the first foreign company present in the MAB.

Both subsidiary companies of EBIOSS Energy SE independently develop their own technologies that allow the development and implementation of pioneering projects in energy sources based on high efficiency and sustainable waste:

Winttec is a company of technology and innovation present in different countries. With a strong presence in the market for more than 10 years, our main focus is on developing solutions for waste containers in urban areas. Winttec has installed over 5,000 containers.

Our market orientation, combined with our knowledge of the principles of environmental policy and our commitment to the needs and values of modern society, such as sustainability and quality of life, has led Winttec to lead the market in the middle sector-environmental.



EQTEC‘s main activity is design, EPC (Engineering, Procurement & Construction), operation and maintenance of power plants and thermal generation, based on biomass and waste thermal gasification, using its own proprietary EQTEC Gasifier Technology. The company has designed and built more than 70 power plants, with capacities ranging from 60 kWe to 40,000 kWe.

EQTEC has proven technology for the construction of industrial size gasification plants.



Our Mission

We develop and manage technologies and infrastructures worldwide with the result of creating a waste value cycle that turns in clean energy ready for consumption.

Our View

Be nationally and internationally relevant in the development and management of technologies and infrastructures of maximum efficiency in the transformation of waste into energy.

Innovation · Efficiency · Sustainability · Transparency


· We are international leaders in waste management and use of waste as fuel.
· Development and implementation of international energy projects in the recovery and reuse of waste.
· Construction of power plants based on our EQTEC Gasifier Technology.
· Achieve the transformation cycle from waste to energy.

EBIOSS Energy SE is an expanding Group that bases its strategy on creating value through the development of sustainable and cheap energy sources, efficiency in its operations and keep its growth in the future through the constant innovation of these sources and their processes.

The Group bases its international expansion on two growth axis, Europe and South America, with a growing pipeline of projects, investments and subsidiaries that are part of the Group’s international presence.

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