EQTEC Iberia was founded in 1997 and began its activity based on the knowledge of a group of experts in the field of energy with more than 30 years of experience.

EQTEC‘s main activity is the design, EPC (Engineering, Acquisition and Construction) and Operation and Maintenance of power plants and thermal generation based on thermal gasification of biomass and waste using its own patented technology EQTEC Gasifier Technology.

The company has designed or built more than 70 power plants, with capacities ranging from 60 kWe to 40,000 kWe.

EQTEC Gasifier Technology is based on:
· Highly qualified engineering personnel with capacity to design, build, operate and maintain gasification technology.
· EQTEC Kinetic Model (EKM) is a powerful home simulation tool developed on the basis of a computer assisted kinetic model.
· Pilot plant in University of Extremadura (Spain)
· EQTEC Monitoring Platform Proprietary technology (EMP)
· High quality gas used directly in General Electric Engine

EQTEC Iberia has developed the EQTEC Monitoring Platform (EMP), a monitoring and control system for power generation plants with EQTEC Gasifier Technology (EGT), which allows safe, reliable and efficient installation.

· Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System (SCADA).
· Remote monitoring from multiple control centers.
· High reliability of the EMP system.
· Operation without installation assistance.
· Powerful user interface and easy management.
· EMP allows you to manage the maintenance operations of any plant.
· Remote connectivity adapted to sales and demand actions.

Patented technology
In the second half of 2014, EQTEC Iberia has obtained the award of two patents recently published in the Official Gazette of Industrial Property of the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office.

01. “Method for gasification reactor of solid organic materials and employed”
02. “Process for the development of a gas stream from a gasifier, thermal cracking tars and renewal with steam and employee reactor”.
03. “Process and cogeneration plant through the gasification of organic solid materials”.

Our own developed technology and the know-how generated and shared in a bidirectional way in Ebioss Group we achieve a projection of solid projects in order to attract more investors, increasing the potential of new technology and shortening development processes, opening opportunities for new projects and benefits for our investors: