EBIOSS Energy, AD is the parent company of an industrial engineering Group, construction and development of projects involving the conversion of waste into synthetic natural gas (SYNGAS), which operates internationally and which boasts a technology and differential positioning in the design and construction of Waste Gasification plants with capacity from 500 kW to 10 MW.

EBIOSS has developed its own high value-added technology –EQTEC Gasifier Technology (EGT)-, which transforms different types of waste into gas. This leading technology in waste gasification has enabled the design and / or construction of waste gasification plants in Spain, France, Germany, India, Italy, Bulgaria and Egypt, among other countries, for the main international energy groups.

The Group develops the following business areas through two subsidiary companies that cover the whole value chain of energy generation:

· Technology. Design, turnkey construction, operation and maintenance of tailor-made waste gasification plants. The proprietary technology (EGT) positions it as a differential engineering in the conversion of waste to gas and subsequent generation of energy.

· Energy. The participation in the capital of waste gasification plants, which allows the group to generate recurring revenues through energy sale.

· Value Creation from waste to synthetic natural gas.

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