Winttec is a technology and innovation company with presence in different countries with a strong presence in the market for more than 10 years. Our main focus is on developing solutions for waste containers in urban areas.

Our market orientation coupled with our knowledge of the principles of environmental policy and our commitment to the values of today’s society such as sustainability and quality of life has led Winttec to lead the environmental market.

Winttec has a network of offices located in Portugal, Spain and Brazil. We are present in 147 cities and towns around the world, with 2,481 installed equipment and more than 5,000 containers in several projects in three continents:

Our focus on solutions sets us apart from the competition. We not only supply waste containers in urban areas, but also specialize in the creation of solutions that allow complete control and management systems, optimizing the collection of waste in a specific area.

The R & D department is a fundamental pillar of the commercial structure of the company and responsible for the design, implementation and execution of all the solutions proposed by Winttec.

Current market trends coupled with Winttec‘s experience in the international market, has allowed the definition of a new business model based on the creation of an Urban Waste Management platform supported by intelligent equipment: Winttec equipment and modular communication throughout our range) open a different approach to the market. These solutions are designed for all cities in the world specially those in the process of modernization, in which we offer a waste management service that rationalizes disposal and reduces costs, not simply elimination.

We are focused on maintaining technological leadership in the market with high quality products for total customer satisfaction. That’s why we continually invest to develop modern integrated solutions. The internationalization strategy developed since 2007 has enabled the Group to reach a worldwide customer base:

· The clients are both public – mainly municipal – and private: construction companies, distributors and waste management companies. Diversification is evident based on a portfolio of approximately 230 customers invoiced.
· Since 2007 the Group has successfully expanded its business. Brazil, Northern Europe and the Middle East are the most promising markets for Winttec. Adequate investments have already been made for their commercial deployment. The Group maintains high expectations in the future of these markets.