At which point is the magnitude of the electric field the largest?

Electric field strength is greatest where the lines are closest together and weakest where lines are furthest apart.

Which charge has the largest magnitude?

From the given figure it is clear that, maximum number of electric lines of force are associated with charge C, so it must have the largest magnitude.

Why are field lines curved?

When you come to the ends of the plates, the field starts to resemble that associated with two point charges instead of a sheet of charge. … Note that as you move away from the two point charges an equal distance apart, the lines look like those at the ends of your parallel plate capacitor (curved lines).

What is SI unit of electric flux?

Electric flux has SI units of volt metres (V m), or, equivalently, newton metres squared per coulomb (N m2 C1).

What will be the electric field at O the Centre of the Pentagon?

(i) The point O, the centre of the pentagon is equidistant from all the charges at the end point of pentagon. Thus, due to symmetry, the electric field due to all the charges are cancelled out. As a result electric field at O is zero.

What is the biggest electric field?

So far, the highest electric field value in a macroscopic system might be a calculated value in magnetars. Magnetars have magnetic fields up to 1011 T, which would correspond, using E=cB, to about 1019 V/m.

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Why can’t electric field lines cross?

Electric field lines cannot cross. … This is because they are, by definition, a line of constant potential. The equipotential at a given point in space can only have a single value. If lines for two different values of the potential were to cross, then they would no longer represent equipotential lines.