Best answer: How much clearance is required in front of an electrical panel?

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the National Electrical Code (NEC), require that electrical panels have a minimum of 3 feet (36 inches) of clearance and a minimum headroom of 6.5 feet or the height of the equipment whichever is greater.

How much unobstructed space should be around an electrical panel?

Employers should consult tables S-1 and S-2 of section 1910.303 of the OSHA standard to confirm the required clearance distances for their equipment. In many cases, the 3-foot distance applies. Additionally, the width of the working space should be the width of the electrical panel or 30 inches, whichever is greater.

Do you know the minimum amount of clear working space needed in front of an electrical panel?

110-26 of the National Electrical Code (NEC): 1) at least a 3-ft clearance in front of all electrical equipment; 2) a 30 in. -wide working space in front of equipment operating at 600V or less; and 3) minimum headroom clearance of 6 ft or the height of the equipment, whichever is greater.

Can anything be in front of an electrical panel?

The height of the working space must be at 6-1/2 feet. Other electrical equipment located above or below the panel cannot protrude more than 6-inches beyond the front of the panel.

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Can you install an electrical panel in a closet?

ANSWER: According to Section 240-24(d) of the National Electrical Code (NEC), which says “Overcurrent devices shall not be located in the vicinity of easily ignitable material, such as in clothes closets,” you are not permitted to do this. …

Is it against code to cover an electrical panel?

You are allowed to cover your electrical panel but it must be easy to open, can not interfere with the opening of the steel door of the panel and you have to make sure you have full access to all of the breakers. Keep in mind that some local electrical codes may prohibit the covering of your electrical panel.

How far do water lines have to be from electrical panel?

You need to have a clear working space 30 inches wide and 36 inches deep in front of the panel (42 inches deep if there are grounded parts on the back side of the space – this includes concrete walls, metal pipes, etc.) As long as the sink is outside that space you should be fine.

Does OSHA require electrical panels to be closed?

The Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) have outlined the amount of clearance necessary around an electric panel. They have also determined that all live components must be enclosed to protect workers.