Best answer: Where can I top up my gas and electric?

Where can I top up my electric key meter?

You can top up your gas card or electricity key at any of the following shops:

  • Paypoint.
  • Post Office.
  • Payzone.

Where can I top up e Gas?

You can top-up anywhere, at a Paypoint, online or via our mobile app and the money will credit your meter instantly.

Can I top up my gas and electric online?

Topping up your electricity meter online

If you’ve got a smart meter and are on our Smart PAYG+ plan, you can top up your electricity and gas online. However, if you’ve got an older, traditional meter or you’re on Smart PAYG Standard and use a key or card to top up, you’ll need to top up at a PayPoint instead.

What happens if my emergency credit runs out?

If you keep running out of credit

If you run out of credit you’ll build up extra debt to your supplier, for example you’ll need to pay back any emergency credit you use. You can agree how to pay it back with your supplier. If it feels like you’re running out of credit too quickly, paying off debt could be the problem.

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What is the maximum amount you can put on an electric key British Gas?

You can top up any amount from £1 to £49 in a single transaction. Once you have topped up your British Gas electricity key put it into your meter. The credit will transfer to your meter automatically.

Does Asda have a Payzone?

The PayPoint terminals are conveniently located in the kiosk area of our Superstores and Supercentres or at customer services in our Supermarkets.

Can you top up gas without card?

You can still top up without having a smart card. You just need your smart card number. It’s a 19-digit number written on your smart card. So as long as you have the number saved, you can use it to top up.

Can you top up prepayment meters online?

Topping up a smart prepayment meter

There are two ways you can do this – online or via the Shell Energy Top Up app.

Who is E Energy?

E energy – or simply ‘E’ – is a British-owned energy supplier based in Birmingham. E was founded in 2014, so is a relatively new supplier. As of 2021, over 300,000 people have used E, which offers an alternative to larger gas and electricity suppliers. E’s focus is on providing affordable tariffs.

How can I top up my electric without my card?

You can still make top-ups without your Keypad card, as long as you have your 19 digit premise number. This should begin with the numbers ‘98269’ and can be found on an old top up receipt if you have one. If you don’t have your 19 digit premise numbers don’t worry.

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Where can I top up Payzone?

Payzone and Post Office have joined forces! That means customers can top-up and pay their bills at either a Payzone store or a Post Office branch; whichever is most convenient for you.

What shops top up British Gas?

Top up via Post Office and Payzone.

British Gas customers will be able to top up at 11,500 local post office branches and 13,000 Payzone locations. This may mean longer journeys for some, as you likely won’t be able to top up in the same shop you do now.