Can you go inside Satsop nuclear power plant?

Why was satsop abandoned?

The plant, which had been built to withstand a massive earthquake, was left standing. Seeing the potential of the unfinished site, area leaders formed the Grays Harbor Public Development Authority to transition the plant into a business park.

Can you visit nuclear power plants?

1: the world’s first nuclear power plant, now open for tours as a museum. … Open seven days a week during summer, the plant-turned-museum offers free tours, either on one’s own or with a guide.

Is Hanford a nuclear power plant?

Hanford is the site of the only operating nuclear power plant in the Northwest, the Columbia Generating Station operated by Energy Northwest.

Can you visit Hinkley Point?

Our brand new Visitor Centre is now open!

At our new Hinkley Point Visitor Centre, visitors are encouraged to explore how electricity is created in a fun and interactive way.

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