Can you put a fridge under an electric hob?

Only appliances with the same brand can be installed over drawers, ovens, or dishwashers. Refrigerators, unventilated ovens, and washing machines can’t be installed beneath the kitchen sink.

Can you put a fridge under a hob?

Induction hobs may only be installed over drawers, ovens with the same brand of forced-air ventilation, or dishwashers of the same brand. Refrigerators, unventilated ovens, and washing machines may not be installed beneath the hob.

Do ceramic hobs get hot underneath?

Ceramic Hobs have heating elements beneath the surface of its zones. There will be often be a coil underneath the heating zone that is activated by the electrical current. As the coil heats you’ll see it glowing red. This in turn heats the glass which is then transferred over to your food.

Can I put a dishwasher under a hob?

Installing a dishwasher under the hob is definitely doable, especially if you know what to look out for to achieve an impeccable end result.

How close can a fridge be to an oven?

The National Kitchen and Bath Association offers these guidelines for minimum landing space: Near the fridge and wall oven, leave 15 inches on both sides (if necessary, one side can be 12 inches).

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Can you put an integrated fridge next to an oven?

It would appear that many kitchen designers say that there doesn’t need to be a gap between your oven and your fridge. You can use your fridge and your oven side-by-side for years and they will work perfectly well. … With the advancements of fridge linings keeping food cold, there really is no noticeable difference.

Do ceramic hobs scratch easily?

Ceramic hobs are a unique type of ceramic glass hence their name, which is very expensive to develop with spare parts that are not easy to find. … The glass is not scratch resistant making them susceptible to scratches from pans and if cleaned vigorously.

Do you need special pans for ceramic hobs?

Stone, glass and ceramic pans are not suitable to use on a ceramic hob because they do not conduct heat well. Aluminium, stainless steel and copper pans will work, but they do tend to leave marks on the glass, however because of the easy to wipe surface it should be quick to get rid of.

What are the advantages of a ceramic hob?

What are the benefits of buying a ceramic hob? One of the main advantages of fitting a ceramic glass hob is that they are very easy to keep clean. The glass surface lends itself to being wiped down after the zones have cooled and the smooth design means that there are few surfaces to consider when cleaning it.

Can you have a drawer under an induction hob?

As long as the induction hob has the recommended clearance, it is fine. It is common for induction hobs to need a 50mm air space on the underside of the unit. As long as you have this clearance, installing an induction hob above a drawer should be perfectly fine.

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Can you put an induction hob above a single oven?

If you have an induction or an oven and are wondering if induction cooktops can be installed over an oven, the answer is yes. You can install an Induction cooktop (or even an electric or gas cooktop) over wall ovens. … It is easy to go to the same manufacturer who will fit a cutout in the wall oven for the induction.

How much space do you need around an induction hob?

One vital measurement to consider is the space around the hob. Gas regulations require a minimum of 30cm at either side of a gas hob, and 15cm at either side of an induction hob.