Frequent question: Can you move your electric meter outside?

How much does it cost to move an electric meter UK?

The average cost of moving an electric meter is around £200 – £800, dependant on the location of the meter. The engineers will carry out this work as a fixed, statutory job on behalf of the electricity board. As you may require the electricity company to send out an electrician you can expect to wait up to 6 weeks.

How do I move my electric meter?

Moving the meter involves disconnecting power from the utility company, disconnecting the cables that run into your electrical panel and dismounting the meter assembly. Once uninstalled, the meter assembly can be mounted in the new location and the wiring reconnected.

How far can you move an electric meter?

Moving your electricity meter more than 15 centimetres but less than 3 metres. We can sometimes move your meter up to 3m on the same wall. You’ll need to pay for a new backboard to be fitted. You’ll also need to get a qualified electrician to replace the meter tails with longer ones.

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How much does it cost to move an electric meter outside?

What is the cost of moving an electric meter? The cost to move an electric meter will usually fall into the range of £75 – £1,000, with an average cost of £537.50. Engineers will carry out the work on behalf of the electricity distribution board or supplier.

Who is allowed to move an electricity meter?

Only your current supplier can move your meter. This means if you want another supplier to do it you have to switch your supply to them first. This will change your prices for gas and electricity, so check that it’s worth it overall before you switch.

How do I connect electricity to a new house?

Before you move out, you need to organise who’ll be the new account holder. To transfer the account over to them, contact your energy provider before you move. Contact your energy provider as soon as possible to let them know you’re moving so they can disconnect the electricity and gas at your current home.

Who is responsible for mains electricity?

Electricity distribution companies are responsible for the network of power lines, underground cables, substations etc., that get electricity to your home or business in the area where you live.

Should I have access to my electricity meter?

You have a right to access the meters if you’re paying the bills. Ask to be shown the location of the meters when you first look around the property – they can be hidden in some odd places, and might not even be inside your home.

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Can smart meters be fitted outside?

Yes, that’s right. We’ll take your old meters away and put them in the same place as your existing ones. You can place your Smart energy display where it’s convenient for you and where it gets a good signal from the Smart meter.

Do smart meters replace old meters?

Smart meters directly replace your existing meters for gas and electricity. As part of the installation, the engineer will need to turn off your gas and electricity for around 20 minutes each.