Frequent question: How much does an electric heated towel rail cost to run?

Do electric towel rails use a lot of electricity?

For the majority of heated towel rails, it costs around than $0.01 to run per hour, which is around the same cost as a light bulb. Similarly, you won’t be leaving a light bulb running 24 hours, 365 days of the year.

Is it expensive to run an electric towel rail?

Using heated towel rails is very affordable. The electrically heated towel rail is an affordable bathroom heating solution. … Using this formula, it would be safe to estimate the average cost to run an average towel rail heater for 24 hours at a cost to you of £ 0.23 per 24 hour day.

Are heated towel rails economical?

Leaving heated towel rails on all day is costing Manawatu $1.8 million a year. An average household spends $175 a year to run a towel rail continuously, but savings of $115 could be made if users had them on only eight hours a day.

Should heated towel rails be left on?

Heated towel rails are designed to be left on all the time and there are no safety issues to consider if you decide you want to keep them running. A standard heated towel rail will typically come on and off in accordance with the main central heating system.

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Are electric towel rails any good?

Yet, towel rails are powered directly by electricity and therefore are a great deal more efficient. So much so that they are regarded as being nearly 100% efficient as all the energy consumed by the electric towel radiator is converted into heat and transferred into the surrounding room.

Can you leave heated towel rail on overnight?

Can you leave a heated towel rail on overnight? A towel rail can safely be left on all the time, however you may need to think about the environmental impacts and the cost. If no one is using the bathroom in the middle of the night, then it might be wasteful to leave it on.

Does an electric towel rail need a thermostat?

Generally speaking these towel rails are the easiest to install. They are literally out of the box, onto the wall and wire into a fused power supply. … A final note on these dry electric towel rails is that they do not have any built in thermostats which you can control the heat.

What do you fill an electric towel rail with?

If you want to fill a radiator for electric use, you need a special solution of 85% deionized water and 15% Ethylene Glycol (car anti-freeze). This solution needs to be poured into your electric towel rail before you switch it on, as it is this solution that gets hot and causes your rail to give off heat.

What’s the point of heated towel rail?

The purpose of a heated towel rail is not to heat your entire bathroom. But, if you’ve got a smaller bathroom with great insulation, it can serve as another heat source. Turn it up to make your bathroom toasty warm on cold, winter days. Plus, a heated rack is more energy efficient than a regular space heater.

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Are heated towel rails as good as radiators?

Not only are towel rails a more practical solution than standard radiators, as they’ll keep your towels warm fluffy and dry, but they also make a stylish addition to any bathroom. … A larger bathroom, however, may require another source of heating to sufficiently warm the room.

Is it easy to replace a heated towel rail?

You can fit them in the same way as a standard radiator. The easiest way to fit your new towel radiator is to replace a radiator of the same width. In that case there’s no need to drain your system, or to take up your flooring and skirting boards. … Your new towel radiator will be connected to the existing pipework.