Frequent question: Is gas or electricity cheaper in NZ?

Is it cheaper to use gas or electricity?

On average, natural gas is cheaper than electricity, so a gas furnace will save money on your bills. Electrical furnaces often run quieter than gas furnaces, as they have less mechanical parts used for the conversion of fuel to heat. Electrical furnaces, by and large, are safer.

How much does gas cost NZ?

Consumer NZ, for its 2017 Winter Heating Guide, found the average fixed daily charge for piped natural gas was $1.45 – but it had a big range, from 8c to $1.89. With LPG, the annual rental fee for two 45kg LPG cylinders was $118.

How much more expensive is electric than gas?

Is gas cheaper than electricity? A unit of gas costs, on average, 4p/kWh (kilowatt hour) – while electricity costs 16p/kWh. That makes electricity four times the price of gas.

Is gas hot water cheaper than electric NZ?

It is still a cheap fuel when compared with electricity. However, by the time you add its operating inefficiencies (you lose 20 percent of the energy as heat to the atmosphere when it is operating) and supply charges, there is not much in it.

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Is electricity cheaper at night?

A few energy providers charge less for using electricity at certain times of day (or night). These off-peak hours tend to be quieter periods when power demands are at their lowest, for example, between 10pm and 8am.

Is there gas in my street NZ?

To find out if natural gas is available in your street, visit Once you know that gas is available to your property, you can choose the appliance you want and sign up with a gas retailer. They’ll manage the process of connecting you to gas, making this process as easy as possible.

What is the cheapest heater to run NZ?

This graph comes from Gen Less, the government-supported website responsible for helping Kiwis reduce their energy use. Heat pumps are the cheapest to run on average, closely followed by wood burners and highly rated flued gas heaters.

How do you pay for gas in New Zealand?

Take your bill to any NZ Post outlet to pay by cash, cheque or EFTPOS^.

Take Control of Your Power Bills

  1. Control-a-bill lets you take control by evening out your payments so you pay the same amount for each bill.
  2. You can choose when you pay by direct debit (either weekly, fortnightly or monthly)

Are gas boilers being phased out?

The government has announced that by 2025, all new homes will be banned from installing gas and oil boilers and will instead be heated by low-carbon alternatives.

Who is E on next?

E. ON Next is renewable energy supplier that’s part of the E. ON group, so it has the backing of one of the largest energy suppliers operating in the UK. The supplier is a dedicated energy specialist offering 100% renewable electricity as standard, and no exit fees on its energy tariffs.

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How much electricity does central heating use?

How much electricity does your appliances use?

Appliance Typical Wattage Estimated Average Cost
Electric Fireplace (heating mode) 1500 15¢/hr
Forced Air Systems
15 kw Central Electric Furnace 15,350 $1.5323/hr
20 kw Central Electric Furnace 20,490 $2.00/hr