How did Simon fall off his electric bike?

But when he tried operating the Swind EB-01 in the driveway of his Malibu mansion in front of his family members, he was reportedly unprepared for the extreme power. The bike entered an immediate wheelie, causing Cowell to fall backwards and break three vertebrae.

What did Simon fall off?

On Saturday 8 August 2020, Cowell was taken to hospital after falling off his electric bike in the courtyard of his home in Malibu, California. Cowell was spending time with his son and his girlfriend when the accident happened.

What did Simon Cowell break when he fell off his bike?

Simon was rushed to hospital last August, with his spokesperson later confirming he had broken his back. “Simon had a fall from his bike on Saturday afternoon whilst testing his new electric bike in the courtyard at his house in Malibu with his family. He hurt his back and was taken to the hospital.

Who is Simon Cowell’s son?

Has Simon Cowell recovered from his motorcycle accident?

UPDATE: Simon Cowell is recovering from a back surgery following a bike accident at his California home. The surgery lasted five hours and took place overnight on Saturday. A source told People that a metal rod was inserted into his back.

Why is Simon nice now?

In an interview with People Magazine, Cowell revealed that his new kindness is a result of fatherhood. Cowell and his girlfriend, Lauren Silverman, welcomed their son Eric — Cowell’s first child and Silverman’s second — in 2014, after Silverman’s highly-publicized divorce from Cowell’s onetime friend Andrew Silverman.

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Why did Simon cry when Josh sang?

Josh Daniel Makes Simon Cowell Cry

He chose to sing Labrinth’s “Jealous,” which he related to his grief.