How do I complain about my electricity supplier?

How do I contact the Energy Ombudsman?

If the problem isn’t fixed or you’re not happy with its response, contact us by phone or submit a complaint online. You can contact us at any time in the process for independent advice. If you have been disconnected, or are at risk of being disconnected, contact us on Freecall 1800 246 545 during business hours.

Who can I complain to about my electricity supplier?

Complain to Ofgem if you can’t resolve an issue with a network operator or a comparison website accredited by the Ofgem Confidence Code. Energy Ombudsman complaints form or call 0330 440 1624.

Is it worth complaining to the Energy Ombudsman?

You must complain to the ombudsman within 12 months of your supplier telling you their decision. If your supplier hasn’t given you a decision you might have longer than 12 months, but it’s still worth complaining as soon as you can.

How do I file a complaint against my electric company?

Who do I contact to file a complaint against a utility?

  1. Complete an online complaint form.
  2. Call the Consumer Affairs Division at 1-800-851-4268 during office hours, which are 8:15 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. (ET), Monday through Friday.
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What complaints does the ombudsman deal with?

What type of complaints do you handle? We review and resolve complaints about all sorts of things, such as: billing, customer service, installations/delays, switching providers, loss of service and sales. Find out more about the types of problems Ombudsman Services can look at.

How long does it take for energy ombudsman to reply?

What result can I expect? Complaints to the Energy Ombudsman can take anywhere from 4-16 weeks to resolve depending on the complexity of the complaint and how long correspondance takes between the Energy Ombudsman and the energy supplier.

Is there a free phone number for Ofgem?

Call 0808 808 2282. Calls are free from landlines and most mobile networks.

Where can I complain about a company?

10 Effective Ways to Complain About a Company Online

  • Go to the company website. …
  • Contact the Better Business Bureau. …
  • Contact the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). …
  • Check out the Ripoff Report. …
  • Email …
  • Try Yelp. …
  • Post on Planet Feedback. …
  • Google your attorney general.

What happens if you reject energy ombudsman decision?

You have 2 months to decide whether or not you accept the decision. If you don’t accept it, you lose the right to the solution offered in the final decision. If you accept it, the ombudsman can ask the energy supplier to provide any or all of the following in order to resolve the complaint: A financial award.

What power does the energy ombudsman have?

What powers does the energy ombudsman have? The energy ombudsman has powers issued to it directly from the government in order to make sure companies within its remit treat their customers fairly. As such, they can force companies to offer compensations and apologies if they decide that you’ve been treated unfairly.

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Who is the electricity ombudsman?

The Energy Ombudsman is independent and impartial from the energy industry, the energy regulator Ofgem, and any consumer groups. It is their duty to listen to both sides in a dispute, look at all the facts, and reach a fair and equitable solution.