How do I read an old dial electric meter?

How do you read a 4 dial electric meter?

Read the dials from left to right.

  1. The pointer on the far left dial has passed 8, and is between 8 and 9. …
  2. The pointer on the next dial looks like it is right on the 4. …
  3. The next dial has passed 8, and is between 8 and 9. …
  4. The second pointer from the right has just passed 9, and is between 9 and 0.

Why does my electric meter have 3 readings?

Your meter may show you 3 readings – one will be your day reading, one your night reading and the final reading is a total reading. We’ll only need to take the day and night readings.

Where is my electricity meter UK?

Your meter will usually be on an outside wall, inside in your porch or entrance hall, or inside a cupboard in a sitting room. In some apartments and multi-dwelling buildings, meters will be grouped together. So make sure you’re looking at the right meter for your unit or flat.

How do I read my electric smart meter UK?

To read the meter:

  1. press the white B button – the screen will light up.
  2. wait until the screen says ‘meter boost’ – press ‘A’ to select ‘no’ and you should see numbers followed by ‘KWH’
  3. write down the numbers from left to right.
  4. ignore any zeroes at the beginning and any numbers after the decimal point.
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What is the difference between analog and digital electric meter?

The most significant difference between an analog multimeter and the digital multimeter is that the analog multimeter comprises of a scale and a deflection pointer which actually indicates the value to be measured on the scale, while, in digital multimeters, a digital display like LCD directly displays the value.

What is the dial pointers of the electric meter move?

Each dial on the meter is numbered from 0 to 9, and has a pointer – like the hand on a clock – that turns either clockwise or counterclockwise. The pointers move only when electricity is being used. To read your meter, look at each of the four dials and write down the number each pointer is on.