How do I write a complaint letter to the electrical department for removing poles from my private plot?

How do I write a letter to electric pole shifting?


  1. DEAr sir/madam,
  2. I recently owned a land which was disputed previously. …
  3. So being the owner i want shift the pole.It is my humble request to provide me the legal procedures that should be follwed for the removal.
  4. I would be very much obliged if take the necessary steps in removing those poles from my private plot.

Who owns the utility pole?

One utility owns the pole, but multiple utilities use it — and each has its own way of numbering it.

How much does it cost to move an electricity pole in India?

ii) Shifting charges @ Rs. 7000/- per HT/LT pole of span 70 meters or part thereof excluding 20 mtrs.

How do I write an electrical complaint letter?

Respected, I would like to inform you that the electricity bill I received for ________ (Mention – quarter/ month) is quite higher than the usual bills I have been paying. The amount mentioned in the bill is _______ (Amount) which is to be paid for consumption of ________ (Units consumed).

How can I write electrical wire Change in English?

I am writing to you because I would like to request to change my electric meter. My current meter is very old it was last serviced in the year of 20xx that is too old and the meter is having some problems taking the money that is on the key and putting it into the meter. (show your actual problem and situation).

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How deep should a utility pole be buried?

Calculating the Depth of the Pole

Poles are typically set into the ground: 10% of the overall height + 2 feet, except in questionable soil conditions. Example: Overall pole height: 30 feet, the pole should be buried: 3 feet + 2 feet = 5 feet below grade, and 25 feet above grade.

Can my Neighbour pass a power cable over my land?

A It is a principle of property law that, subject to exceptions, the owner of land also owns the air space above it. Therefore a third party is not entitled to install a wire or cable over someone else’s land without first having the owner’s permission; there are, however, exceptions to this.

How do you replace a power pole?

For shifting of an electrical pole, which is obstructing to your passage in front of the gate of your house, you have to inform concerned electricity board in writing to shift the pole. and they will make a survey and may ask you to pay some amount of money for shifting.