How efficient is Drax Power Station?

What do they burn at Drax?

In 2020, Drax burned 7.37 million tonnes of pellets made from at least 14 million tonnes of green wood. By comparison, the UK’s total annual wood production in 2019 was just 11.1 million tonnes.

What fuel does Drax use?

Drax Power Station uses compressed wood pellets sourced from sustainably managed working forests in the US, Canada, Europe and Brazil, and are largely made up of low-grade wood produced as a byproduct of the production and processing of higher value wood products, like lumber and furniture.

Is it safe to live near Drax power station?

Campaigners Biofuelwatch said emissions of dust particles from Drax’s plant near Selby, in North Yorkshire, had increased by 135%. … In its report, Biofuelwatch said particulates were “an especially dangerous form of air pollution” and linked it to a number of health problems including cancers, heart disease and stroke.

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