Is bromine a good conductor of electricity?

The other options- iodine, sulphur and bromine are non-metals. Hence, they are bad conductors of electricity.

Is bromine a conductor of heat and electricity?

Answer: Bromine is a liquid at room temperature, and it is l… … It is a non-metal and thus is a poor conductor of both electricity and heat.

Which is good conductor of electricity?

Most metals are considered to be good conductors of electrical current. Copper is just one of the more popular materials that is used for conductors. Other materials that are sometimes used as conductors are silver, gold, and aluminum.

Is bromine a poison?

Bromine works by directly irritating the skin, mucous membranes, and tissues. The seriousness of poisoning caused by bromine depends on the amount, route, and length of time of exposure, as well as the age and preexisting medical condition of the person exposed.

Can bromine conduct electricity in water?

Yes, bromine is the only liquid non-metal known at room temperature. This compound conduct electricity only when its react with some other elements like metal ( Na).

Why is bromine toxic?

Health effects of bromine

Bromine is corrosive to human tissue in a liquid state and its vapors irritate eyes and throat. Bromine vapors are very toxic with inhalation. Humans can absorb organic bromines through the skin, with food and during breathing.

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Is Sulphur a good conductor of electricity?

Sulphur is a non-metal because it is consistent with three physical properties listed for non-metals. … It is a poor conductor of heat and electricity, because electrons are not free to move.

Is hydrogen a good conductor of electricity?

– Hydrogen is a non-metal, but good conductor of electricity only at very high pressure.