Question: How much electricity does a 1 bed flat use?

An average one-bedroom apartment of around 750 square feet uses about 750 kwh per month. More square footage means an increase in cost primarily because of heating and cooling a larger space. Typical apartment electricity usage increases to about 880 kWh for 1,000 square feet.

How much are bills for a 1 bed flat?

But depending on where you live in London, a one bedroom flat can cost anywhere from £1,000 to £2,000 per month. When you consider the average Londoner’s salary in 2021 is £37,000 (before tax), it’s no surprise that so many city dwellers end up flat sharing!

How much electricity does a 1 bedroom apartment use UK?

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Property Type Electric Usage Gas Usage
1 bedroom flat 2,000 kWh 0 kWh
2 bedroom flat 2,000 kWh 8,000 kWh
2 bedroom House 3,000 kWh 12,000 kWh
3 bedroom House 4,750 kWh 17,400 kWh

What is the average electric bill for a 1 bedroom apartment in Texas?

One-Bedroom Apartment Electricity Cost

According to online databases, in Texas, the average energy use is about 750 kWh/month. With our average 10 cents per kilowatt-hour rate in mind, (mathematically$. 1098/kWh x 750 kWh/month) that would mean homeowners incur a monthly cost of around $82.

How much electricity does a 2 bed flat use?

Two Bed Flat – Electricity Usage

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If we look across the board, then on average a two bed flat will use around 2000 kWh of electricity on a yearly basis.

How much should bills cost for a 2 bedroom flat?

Overall. A grand total for the average bills for 2 bed flat per month is just £65.33 a month, or £784 for the year (for gas and electricity). This will differ from supplier to supplier, but is a good figure to go off when looking at your charges.

How much electricity does a 4 bedroom house use?

How much electricity does a 4-bed house use? Using the Typical Domestic Consumption Values (or TDCVs), a 4-bedroom house would fall between high and medium usage, which gives us an average electric consumption of 3,500 kWh.

How can I lower my electric bill in Texas?


  1. Install a smart thermostat that automatically adjusts when you’re home or away.
  2. Make sure all spaces are properly insulated.
  3. Plant trees/large shrubs around your home for shade.
  4. Install window coverings to keep heat out.