Question: What is electric field mill?

A field mill is a specialized instrument used for measuring the strength of electric fields in the atmosphere, one of the key parameters of atmospheric electricity. … The “mill” is a typical rotating shutter design in the instrument.

What is a field mill used for?

These instruments are designed to measure the DC and slow-varying component of the atmospheric electric field, and typically output every second. The main purpose of a field mill is to accurately measure the steady- state electric field directly above the sensor.

How does an electric field mill work?

An Electric Field Mill is an electro-mechanical device which measures the strength of a static electric field. One or more electrodes are alternately exposed to and then shielded from the field to be measured. … Most modern electric field mills use a rotating slotted disk to alternately expose and shield the electrodes.

What is electric field answer?

A feild that surrounds an electrical charge , and exerts force on the another charges either it’s attracting or repeling the charge.

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