Quick Answer: Can electric field lines touch?

Can two electric field lines touch each other?

11. Electric field lines cannot cross. If they did, they would be telling you that the force on a charge at that location would point in two different directions, which does not make any sense at all. Equipotential lines at different potentials can never cross either.

Why electric field lines do not touch each other?

Electric lines of force never intersect because, at the point of intersection, two tangents can be drawn to the two lines of force. This means two directions of the electric field at the point of intersection, which is not possible.

Are electric field lines ever broken?

The electriic field line cannot have a sudden breaks because the charge moves continuously and does not jump to one point to the other.

Can magnetic field lines touch each other?

Magnetic field lines originate from the north pole and merge at the south pole. … Magnetic lines do not intersect with one another. The magnetic lines strength is the same throughout, and it is proportional to how near the lines are.

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What happens when two electric fields meet?

The electric field and resulting forces produced by two electrical charges of the same polarity. The two charges repel each other. If a positive charge and a negative charge interact, their forces act in the same direction, from the positive to the negative charge. … The two charges attract each other.

Why are there no two magnetic fields?

The magnetic field lines never intersect each other because if two or more lines intersect each other than it means that at that point of intersection, the magnetic field has two directions at the same point. This is not possible for a magnetic field to point in more than one direction at the same point.

What does electric field depend on?

The magnitude of the electric field around an electric charge, considered as source of the electric field, depends on how the charge is distributed in space. … The value of the electric field has dimensions of force per unit charge.

What would crossed electric field lines indicate?

Electric field lines indicate the direction of the force due to the electric field on a positive test charge. Each electric force has its own direction at each point. If two electric field lines crossed, that would indicate that a force has two directions at the point at which they cross.

How do you find electric field lines?

E = F q test = k | Q | r 2 . This equation gives the magnitude of the electric field created by a point charge Q. The distance r in the denominator is the distance from the point charge, Q, or from the center of a spherical charge, to the point of interest.

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What is the formula for electric field strength?

The field strength between the two parallel surfaces E, equals, V, slash, d,E=V/d where V is the voltage difference between the surfaces, and d is their separation. This means that the unit of electric field strength, the N, C, to the power minus 1 ,NC−1 is equivalent to the V, m, to the power minus 1 ,Vm−1.