Quick Answer: Can you cover up an electrical outlet?

As long as there are no wires inside the box, you can cover it with drywall. If the box is still acting as a junction box, however, and wires are joined inside it, the electrical code mandates a removable cover. … If the wires are inserted into the back of the outlet, cut them with wire snippers.

Is it safe to cover an electrical outlet?

All wall outlets should have plastic covers to prevent debris from interfering with the sockets. Covering your outlets will also prevent pets and small children from accidentally shocking themselves. Even if an outlet isn’t working, you should still make sure it’s covered.

Can you duct tape an outlet?

One roll should cover every low-lying outlet in the house. … You can also use duct tape if you want it to stick a little better; however, duct tape could leave a sticky residue on your outlets and walls.

Can you put a rug over a floor outlet?

If you are not going to use the floor outlet at all, covering it with a movable rug is OK. But you should never cover an outlet or junction box of any type (e.g., including if you removed the outlet, capped the wires and put on a blank plate) with any permanent flooring like wall-to-wall carpet.

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Can you cover outlets with furniture?

Furniture that covers and touches the opening of a floor outlet could cause debris to fall into the outlet or heat to build up inside of the outlet, ultimately increasing the risk for electrical fires, electrical shorts and more.

Can you cover an outlet with a cabinet?

No you should not cover up a recep or junction box in this manner. Please review Article 370-29 of the NEC. If the cabinet is going to be permanent mounted as part of the building then it should not cover the rececp or junction box in this case since you do not plan to use it as a outlet any longer.

Are plastic outlet covers safe?

Worst: Plastic Outlet Plugs

Many plastic outlet plugs break off in the outlets. They may not fit securely in old outlet covers. You may forget to reinstall them after using the outlet. … Loose plastic outlet covers are a choking hazard.

Should I use electrical tape on outlets?

One justification is that taping devices is necessary because the receptacles/switches will be energized before the finish plates are installed or the tape allows for the removal or replacement of the device while energized. Devices should not be energized before the device cover plates are installed.