Quick Answer: How can you compare a mechanical oscillator with an electrical oscillator?

The protons and neutrons inside of the nucleus are held together by the strong nuclear force, which balances the repulsion of the Coulomb force between the protons. The weak force balances the number of neutrons and protons. … Unstable nuclei release energy, usually a lot more energy than a chemical reaction.

What is the difference between mechanical and electrical oscillator?

the mechanical oscillator, there is an interchange or translation at a prescribed frequency of one type of energy to the other. formula giving the frequency of oscillation in the electrical oscillator has an exact counterpart in the mechanical oscillator.

What do you mean by mechanical oscillator?

A physical system in which some value oscillates above and below a mean value at one or more characteristic frequencies. Such systems often arise when a contrary force results from displacement from a force-neutral position, and gets stronger in proportion to the amount of displacement.

What is electrical harmonic oscillator?

Electronic harmonic oscillators are commonly used in clocks and radio circuits because of their simple harmonic sine wave. The vibration of the output charge is designed to keep a clock on time and a radio properly tuned into a broadcast signal. … The two main features of this charge are the amp and voltage capabilities.

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What is forced electrical oscillator?

Forced oscillations occur when an oscillating system is driven by a periodic force that is external to the oscillating system. In such a case, the oscillator is compelled to move at the frequency νD = ωD/2π of the driving force. … Let us, therefore, examine qualitatively the response of an oscillator to a driving force.

What are mechanical oscillators used for?

An oscillator is a mechanical or electronic device that works on the principles of oscillation: a periodic fluctuation between two things based on changes in energy. Computers, clocks, watches, radios, and metal detectors are among the many devices that use oscillators.

What is the formula for oscillation?

The period formula, T = 2π√m/k, gives the exact relation between the oscillation time T and the system parameter ratio m/k.

What is oscillation in simple words?

Oscillation is the process of moving back and forth regularly, like the oscillation of a fan that cools off the whole room, or the oscillation of a movie plot that makes you laugh and cry. Oscillation is from the Latin word oscillare for “to swing,” so oscillation is when something is swinging back and forth.

What causes electrical oscillation?

The waveform may be sinusoidal or some other shape when its magnitude is plotted against time. Electronic oscillation may be intentionally caused, as in devices designed as oscillators, or it may be the result of unintentional positive feedback from the output of an electronic device to its input.

What causes forced vibration?

description. Forced vibrations occur if a system is continuously driven by an external agency. A simple example is a child’s swing that is pushed on each downswing. Of special interest are systems undergoing SHM and driven by sinusoidal forcing.

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