Quick Answer: How does Barbados make electricity?

What are the current sources of energy in Barbados?

Barbados is currently dependent on fossil fuels oil import to supply its energy needs though it is a small gas and oil producer. The import of fossils fuel accounts for 94.6% of the energy matrix and the remaining comes from oil, natural gas, biomass, and solar energy.

How is electricity generated in the Caribbean?

Today, the Caribbean economy – except for Trinidad and Tobago – is almost entirely dependent on diesel fuel or natural gas. … Sun and wind are abundant and geothermal energy and hydropower could free the islands almost entirely from fossil fuels. Solar energy holds, perhaps, the most promise as a future power source.

Where does Barbados get its gas?

Natural gas is supplied to NPC from wells operated by the Barbados National Oil Company. The volume of gas supplied is modest, at about 1 million cubic feet per day.

Does Barbados use solar energy?

Only one island, Barbados, stands as a pinnacle of success in the use of solar technology in the Caribbean. … As of 2008 approximately 40,000 SWHs were in operation in Barbados, and the number has increased yearly.

What is the most widely used source of energy in the Caribbean?


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Oil is the dominant fuel, accounting for about 92% of total 2001 energy consumption. The Caribbean relies on imported oil for most of its energy needs.

Where do Caribbean islands get electricity?

The Caribbean power generation sector receives 87 percent of its energy production from imported fossil fuels, despite the availability of solar, wind, hydro, geothermal, and biomass resources that could serve as a substitute for this fossil fuel dependence.

Does Barbados produce natural gas?

Barbados produces 626.44 million cubic feet (MMcf) of natural gas per year (as of 2015) ranking 92nd in the world.