Quick Answer: Which of the following is most likely to nuclear power plant?

Which of the following is most likely to nuclear power plant? Explanation: Most of the parts of nuclear power plants are similar to the thermal power plant, except the heat generating system. In thermal power plant heat energy is produced by the combustion of fossil fuels like coal, Oil or gas.

Which of the following generating plants has the minimum operating cost?

Nuclear plant. Hydroelectric plant has minimum operating cost in large part due to the free availability of water.

What is the essential component of any power plant?

A Thermal power plant is an electric producing plant. The fuel used is water which is a renewable source of energy and also the fuel used is coal-fired, liquefied fuel, natural resources, uranium enrichment. The Essential component used in this system is Pump, Boiler, Turbine, and Condenser.

Which type of power plant is most efficient?

Hydro turbines, the oldest and the most commonly used renewable energy source, have the highest efficient of all power conversion process.

Which plant has maximum efficiency *?

And when it comes to efficient natural gas-fired plants, there are none better than EDF Bouchain. The 605-MW unit has been recognized by Guinness World Records as the most-efficient combined cycle power plant in the world, with a third-party verified net efficiency of 62.22%.

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Why is nuclear energy bad?

Nuclear energy produces radioactive waste

A major environmental concern related to nuclear power is the creation of radioactive wastes such as uranium mill tailings, spent (used) reactor fuel, and other radioactive wastes. These materials can remain radioactive and dangerous to human health for thousands of years.