What are the two main parts of an electric current?

There are two main types of current used in most electronic circuits today. They are alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC). Direct Current (DC) – Direct current is the constant flow of electric charge in one direction.

What are the main parts of an electric current?

Every electric circuit, regardless of where it is or how large or small it is, has four basic parts: an energy source (AC or DC), a conductor (wire), an electrical load (device), and at least one controller (switch).

What are the 2 types of electric current?

Current electricity is a constant flow of electrons. There are two kinds of current electricity: direct current (DC) and alternating current (AC). With direct current, electrons move in one direction.

What are two main sources of electric current?

The types of the electric current are classified into two types which are the direct electric current and the alternating electric current ( A.C. ) , The direct electric current is produced from the electrochemical cells such as the dry cells and the simple cells.

What are the two main parts of a circuit?

Circuits are made up of two distinct elements:

  • active elements, which are defined as the sources of electrical energy,
  • and passive elements, which carry or use the electrical energy for some specific reason.
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What are the 4 basic parts of a circuit?

The essential elements in a basic electrical circuit consist of: A source, load, and ground. Electricity cannot flow without a power source (battery), and a load (bulb or resistor-electrical device/ component) and a closed conductive path (wires connecting it).

Why do we have 2 types of current?

There are two different types of current in widespread use today. … In a direct current, the electrons flow in one direction. Batteries create a direct current because the electrons always flow from the ‘negative’ side to the ‘positive’ side. In a direct current, the electrons travel in one direction.

How many types of current are there?

There are mainly two different types of current: Direct current and alternating current.

What is the main source of current?

A current source is an electronic circuit that delivers or absorbs an electric current which is independent of the voltage across it. A current source is the dual of a voltage source.


Voltage source Current source
Battery of cells Single cell

What is the best source of electrical energy?

Hydroelectric power, using the potential energy of rivers, is by far the best-established means of electricity generation from renewable sources. It may also be large-scale – nine of the ten largest power plants in the world are hydro, using dams on rivers.