What conditions would result in the weakest electric force between objects?

Which two conditions would result in the strongest electric force between charged objects?

The first factor is the amount of charge on each object. The greater the charge, the greater the electric force. The second factor is the distance between the charges. The closer together the charges are, the greater the electric force is.

What two factors affect the electric force between objects?

The factors that effect the electrical force between two objects are the charge of the objects and the distance between the objects.

How does mass affect electric force?

Experiments have shown that the electric force between two objects is proportional to the inverse square of the distance between the two objects. … This implies that the electric force does not depend on the mass of the particle. Instead, it depends on a new quantity: the electric charge.

What are the three variables used to determine electric force between charged objects?

The interaction between charged objects is a non-contact force that acts over some distance of separation. Charge, charge and distance. Every electrical interaction involves a force that highlights the importance of these three variables.

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Which two changes would increase the gravitational force between two objects?

The force of gravity depends directly upon the masses of the two objects, and inversely on the square of the distance between them. This means that the force of gravity increases with mass, but decreases with increasing distance between objects.

How will the electric force between the charges compared with the original force?

If the distance between two charges is increased to three times the original distance, how will the electrical force between the charges compare with the original force? It will decrease to one-ninth the original force.

Why is attractive force negative?

That’s all right,but I want to know whenever we use a work done by an attraction force we use a negative sign,viz: the gravitational potential.It is written in books that the gravitational potential is negative because the work to bring an object from infinity to the gravitational field is done by the gravitational

Is a positive force attractive or repulsive?

If the particles are both positively or negatively charged, the force is repulsive; if they are of opposite charge, it is attractive. This called Coulomb’s law and was the first attempt to understand the electric force. Like the gravitational force, the Coulomb force is an inverse square law.

What happens to the electrostatic force when both charges are doubled?

Explanation: Electrostatic force is directly related to the charge of each object. So if the charge of both objects is doubled, then the force will become four times greater.