What do you mean by non conventional energy sources?

What is non conventional source of energy with example?

Difference Between Conventional and Non-conventional Sources of Energy

Conventional sources of energy Non-conventional sources of energy
Coal, fossil fuels are two examples Wind, solar energy and Biomass two examples

What do you mean by conventional and non-conventional energy?

The main difference between conventional and non conventional sources of energy is that the former is non renewable and the later is renewable. Note: The conventional sources of energy are fossil fuel, CNG, coal, oil, natural gas. … Non-conventional sources of energy are alternatives to fossil fuels.

What is meant by non conventional?

Definition of ‘nonconventional’

1. not established by accepted usage or general agreement; non-traditional. a nonconventional lifestyle. 2. (of weapons, warfare, etc) nuclear or chemical.

How are non conventional sources useful to us?

Non conventional sources of energy include solar, wind, tidal, geothermal. bio gas etc. They are relevant because : … Use of non conventional sources of energy is in tune with objective of sustainable development as it does not cause environmental hazards.

What do you mean by conventional sources?

Conventional sources of energy can be described as non-renewable sources of energy which have been used since a long time.Conventional sources of energy are used extensively by mankind and the magnitude of usage is so high that the reserves have got depleted to a great extent.

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Is an example of conventional energy source?

Petroleum, natural gas,coal, hydel energy, wind energy, nuclear energy are examples of conventional sources of energy. They are also called non-renewable sources of energy and are mainly fossil fuels, except hydel energy.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of non-conventional energy sources?

(i)Non-conventional sources of energy are inexhaustible. They do not pollute the environment. (ii)Nuclear power is emits large amounts of energy. (iii)Non-conventional sources of energy are low cost and easy to operate.

What are examples of non-conventional energy?

Nonconventional energy sources (also called alternative energy sources) are any sources or substances that can be used to produce fuels, other than conventional fuels. These are sources that are continuously replenished by natural processes, including biomass, hydropower, nuclear power, solar energy, and tidal energy.

What is the synonyms of conventional?

Synonyms & Antonyms of conventional

  • current,
  • customary,
  • going,
  • popular,
  • prevailing,
  • prevalent,
  • standard,
  • stock,