What does a electrical inspector do?

Electrical inspectors are professionals who work in the construction industry, examining electrical systems and components. They work in new construction, ensuring newly installed wiring is up to code and safely functioning. … Reviewing plans for new wiring systems to make sure they meet code and will be safe.

What is done during an electrical inspection?

The electrical inspection will check on the: adequacy, suitability and serviceability of your electrical appliances. For example, it will check the switches, sockets and light fittings; check for any damages and make sure there are adequate signs and notices.

What does an electrical inspector look for?

Electrical inspectors are looking to ensure that existing as well as newly installed electrical components are safe, code compliant, and that the electrical components and wiring are being used properly and for their intended purpose.

Is electrical testing a legal requirement?

The Regulations require landlords to have the electrical installations in their properties inspected and tested by a person who is qualified and competent, at an interval of at least every 5 years.

What happens after electrical rough in?

Electricians, plumbers, and other tradespeople return and install end-point devices, such as outlets, lights, and light switches for the electrician, and sinks, showers, and bathtubs for the plumber. Inspectors make a second visit.

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Do you need an electrical certificate to sell a house 2021?

When selling a house, there is no legal obligation to provide a buyer with any electrical safety certificate. … Landlords and property managers do have a legal responsibility to provide an electrical test as part of their safety check prior to allowing tenants to live in a property.

Is 5 year electrical test a legal requirement?

The Regulations require landlords to ensure that every fixed electrical installation is inspected and tested at least every five years by a qualified person from 01 July 2020 for all new private tenancies and 01 April 2021 for current tenancies.

Can any electrician do an EICR?

Only registered electricians should carry out an EICR.