What does a powerline technician do?

Is a powerline technician a good job?

Although power linemen are well compensated and receive pay while pursuing apprenticeship programs, they also have to contend with unfavorable working conditions and a slower than average job growth rate. Weigh the pros and cons of being a lineman to decide if this career is right for you.

Is powerline technician a trade?

Trade certification for powerline technicians is available, but voluntary, in Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, Ontario, Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia, the Yukon, the Northwest Territories and Nunavut.

How much do powerline technicians make in Ontario?

The average powerline technician salary in Canada is $84,708 per year or $43.44 per hour. Entry-level positions start at $75,514 per year, while most experienced workers make up to $106,488 per year.

Are powerline technicians in demand?

In Alberta, the 7244: Electrical power line and cable workers occupational group is expected to have an above-average annual growth of 2.8% from 2019 to 2023. In addition to job openings created by employment turnover, 76 new positions are forecasted to be created within this occupational group each year.

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Is lineman a hard job?

This is a very hard and demanding role that you take on. When you first start in the career process, you will need to be physically and mentally fit. There is a lot of training, a lot of knowledge that needs to be retained, as you will be tested annually on it and your life depends on it.

Is being a lineman stressful?

Being a journeyman lineman is a very demanding job, and it is among the more dangerous jobs out there with their work demands and long hours under stressful conditions.

What tools do powerline technicians use?

work with various types of heavy equipment including ariel booms, diggers (RDB), backhoes, trackhoes, nodwells, tension stringing equipment, and skid steers, and. splice, solder and insulate conductors and related wiring to connect power distribution and transmission networks.

How much do powerline technicians make in BC?

BC Hydro Salary FAQs

The average salary for a Power Line Technician, Plt is $113,469 per year in Canada, which is 28% lower than the average BC Hydro salary of $158,276 per year for this job.

How do I become a powerline technician in Ontario?

The Powerline Technician (434A) apprenticeship program consists of on-the-job and in-school training. The program typically takes four years to complete and consists of: 7,617 hours of on-the-job training/work experience. 383 hours of in-school training.

What is the highest paying trade in Ontario?

Construction electricians earn $72,000 two years after certification, according to the Government of Ontario.

The highest paying trades in Canada.

Skilled Trade Salary – Year of Certification
Industrial electrician $80,000
Industrial mechanic (Millwright) $76,000
Steamfitter or Pipefitter $74,000
Construction electrician $72,000
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What’s the best trade to get into Ontario?

Top 12 Best-Paying Skilled Trades Jobs To Help You Move To Canada

  • Heavy-Duty Equipment Technician (NOC 7312) …
  • Industrial Mechanics and Millwrights (NOC 7311) …
  • Steamfitter/Pipefitter (NOC 7252) …
  • Welder (NOC 7237) …
  • Construction Electrician (NOC 7241) …
  • Plumber (NOC 7251) …
  • Sheet Metal Worker (NOC 7233) …
  • Carpenter (NOC 7271)