What is an electric dipole answer?

What is electric dipole?

An electric dipole is a pair of equal and opposite charges separated by a considerably short distance. … Since an electric dipole is a pair of equal and opposite charges, therefore the total charge in an electric dipole will be zero.

What is an electric dipole Class 12?

The electric dipole is a pair of two equal and opposite charges, +q and −q are separated by a very small distance. … The electric dipole moment of the electric dipole is defined as the product of the magnitude of one of the charges of the dipole and the separation distance between them.

What is called electric dipole moment?

qd is defined as the electric dipole moment. Its magnitude indicates the maximum torque exerted upon a given electric dipole per unit value of the surrounding electric field in a vacuum. The electric dipole moment, a vector, is directed along the line from negative charge toward positive charge.

What is an electric dipole give example?

Physical significance of dipoles – definition

CO2 and CH4 are of this type of molecules. … Therefore they have a permanent electric dipole moment, even in the absence of an electric field. Such molecules are called polar molecules. Water molecules, H2O,is an example of this type.

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What is the use of electric dipole?

Dipoles are usually found in molecular structures caused by non-uniform charge distribution of protons and electrons, and are used to find the polarity of a system which is useful in understanding many chemical phenomena such as the normal force (the reason we don’t fall through objects), surface tension, solubility, …

Which is the best definition of an electric dipole?

Which is the best definition of an electric dipole? An electric dipole is an arrangement of electric charge with two equal but opposite amounts of charge separated by some fixed distance. -It is important that the two charges be the same amount of charge, but have opposite signs.

What is an electric dipole give two examples?

Dipole-dipole forces are the attraction between the positive end of one molecule and the negative end of another. Ammonia molecule (NH 3) is an example of electric dipole.In NH 3, the centre of mass of positive charge and centre of mass of negative charge are some distance apart hence resulting in a dipole.

What is electric field direction?

Electric field is defined as electric force per unit charge. … The direction of electric field produced by positive charges is radially outward from the charge, i.e. away from the point charge. The direction of electric field produced by negative charges is radially toward the charge, i.e. towards the point charge.

What is electric dipole moment formula?

The formula for electric dipole moment for a pair of equal & opposite charges is p = qd, the magnitude of the charges multiplied by the distance between the two.

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Why is electric dipole moment important?

An electric dipole consists of 2 equal magnitude, opposite-signed charges. The physical significance is it gives a measure of the polarity/polarization of a net neutral system. If the dipole moment is small, either the charges are small or the separation is small.