What is electric current Milady?

Define electric current. An electric current is the flow of electrucity along a conductor. … A conductor is any material that conducts electricity. • A nonconductor, also known as insulator, is a material that does not transmit electricity.

What are two types of electric current Milady?

Direct Current: *Constant, even-flowing, Travels in one direction, and produced by chemical means. Alternating Current: *Rapid and interrupted flow, Travels in two directions, and produced by mechanical means.

What are 2 types of electric current?

There are two kinds of current electricity: direct current (DC) and alternating current (AC). With direct current, electrons move in one direction. Batteries produce direct current. In alternating current, electrons flow in both directions.

What are the two 2 main electrical modalities currents used in cosmetology?

List and describe the three main electric modalities used in cosmetology. Galvanic current, micro-current, and Tesla high-frequency current.

Is electric Milady true?

The movement of particles around an atom that creates pure energy. Electricity is a form of energy that, when in motion, exhibits magnetic, chemical, or thermal effects. The flow of electricity along a conductor in a complete circuit.

What is the least penetrating light?

Chapter 7 – Standard Esthetics

Question Answer
blue light light that contains few heat rays, is the least penetrating, and has some germicidal and chemical benefits
cataphoresis process of forcing acidic substances into deeper tissues using galvanic current from the positive toward the negative pole
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What is an example of a good insulator?

Examples of insulators include plastics, Styrofoam, paper, rubber, glass and dry air.