What is nuclear energy is referred to as?

What is another name for nuclear energy?

synonyms for nuclear energy

  • atomic energy.
  • nuclear power.
  • atomic power.
  • fission power.
  • fusion power.
  • nuclear fission power.
  • nuclear fusion power.
  • thermonuclear energy.

Where is nuclear energy used?

Top five nuclear electricity generation countries, 2019

Country Nuclear electricity generation capacity (million kilowatts) Nuclear share of country’s total electricity generation
United States 98.12 19%
France 63.13 70%
China 45.52 5%
Russia 28.37 18%

How do you say good choice?

synonyms for choice

  1. excellent.
  2. preferred.
  3. prime.
  4. elect.
  5. exclusive.
  6. fine.
  7. prize.
  8. winner.

What is nuclear energy give examples?

Nuclear-energy meaning

The energy released from an atom in nuclear reactions or by radioactive decay; esp., the energy released in nuclear fission or nuclear fusion. … An example of nuclear energy is the electricity generated by a nuclear reactor, which is the major power source used in Japan.

What exactly is nuclear waste?

Radioactive (or nuclear) waste is a byproduct from nuclear reactors, fuel processing plants, hospitals and research facilities. … High-level waste is primarily spent fuel removed from reactors after producing electricity.

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