What is the function of coolant in nuclear reactor Class 12?

The reactor uses a coolant that removes heat from the core where the fuel is processed and carries it to electrical generators. Coolants also serve to maintain manageable pressure within the core.

What is the function of coolant in nuclear reactor?

A nuclear reactor coolant is a coolant in a nuclear reactor used to remove heat from the nuclear reactor core and transfer it to electrical generators and the environment. Frequently, a chain of two coolant loops are used because the primary coolant loop takes on short-term radioactivity from the reactor.

What coolant is used in nuclear reactor?

The coolants used for nuclear reactors consist of gaseous coolants such as helium and carbon dioxide; liquid coolants, such as watef and deuterium; and liquified coolants, such as sodium, sodium-potassium (NaK) alloys, and polypheny Is.

What is the role of control rods in a nuclear reactor Class 12?

Control rods are loaded into the core of a nuclear reactor and adjusted specifically in order to control the rate of the nuclear chain reaction, which results in the controlled thermal power output of the nuclear reactor, the rate of steam production, and the electrical power output generation of the nuclear power …

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What is the role of a coolant?

The coolant absorbs the heat from the engine and stops the engine water from boiling in the summer. In addition, it also ensures metal parts don’t rust and rubber or plastic parts don’t corrode.

Why water is not used as coolant in fast breeder?

This makes it difficult to use water as a coolant for a fast reactor because the water tends to slow (moderate) the fast neutrons into thermal neutrons (although concepts for reduced moderation water reactors exist).

Can you swim in a nuclear reactor pool?

Even though the pools of water surrounding nuclear reactor cores look radioactive, they usually contain less radiation than the surrounding air. … So unless you’re swimming in the water directly surrounding a nuclear core, you’re going to be fine.

What are the two types of nuclear power plants?

U.S. nuclear power plants use two types of nuclear reactors

Nuclear power plants in the United States have either a boiling-water reactor or a pressurized-water reactor.

What are control rods used for?

A rod, plate, or tube containing a material such as hafnium, boron, etc., used to control the power of a nuclear reactor. By absorbing neutrons, a control rod prevents the neutrons from causing further fissions.