What is the minimum required distance between the gas meter and an electrical distribution board?

How much clearance is required around a gas meter?

(a) Gas meter locations must be 78 inches high and allow for a minimum clear and level working space of 3 feet in front of the meter; width depends on meter size and the number of meters. Grade slope should be less than 2%.

Can a gas meter and electric meter be in the same cupboard?

IET Forums – Gas and electric in same cupboard. You will not be allowed to do it (by the gas supplier). There are requirements for space and ventilation for gas meters. You don’t want a build up of gas from a small leak, in a confined space, even without electrical equipment in there.

Does a gas meter have to be on an outside wall?

There are regulations around the installation of your new meter which must be adhered to. But in general terms, the ideal location for a gas meter is on an external wall that’s no more than 2 meters from the corner of the property on either side of a door or sealed window.

Can you cement around a gas meter?

Don’t pour concrete or put asphalt around the rigid gas delivery pipe leading to the meter. This pipe must remain in soft, pliable dirt to ride out any seismic activity safely. An exposed gas meter is always susceptible to being damaged or dislodged by contact.

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Can my gas meter be behind a gate?

Your gas meter should not be enclosed inside the fence. Keeping your meter clear is vital to ensure that it does not get damaged, your gas service is not interrupted, and to prevent a malfunction.

Can a gas meter be enclosed?

Meter banks can be fully enclosed, as long as utility workers have direct access and proper ventilation is added to meet code requirements. Floor must be dirt for access.

Can a gas engineer move a gas meter?

It’s illegal for anyone but a qualified, licensed professional – such as a Gas Safe engineer – to change the meter’s position. This is due to health and safety reasons – for example, you’ll need to turn the gas supply off to avoid accidents.