What is the problem with non renewable energy?

What is the problem with renewable energy?

The lower capacity factors mean that the cost of generating power is vastly higher for renewables than it is for conventional electricity. The Institute for Energy Research estimates that wind power is about twice as expensive as conventional gas-fired power, and that solar power is almost three times as expensive.

What are the two most important drawbacks of renewable energy?

What are the two most important drawbacks of renewable energy? The Electricity Generation Capacity is Still Not Large Enough. Renewable Energy Can be Unreliable. Low-efficiency Levels.

What are the pros and cons of renewable energy?

Pros: It is abundant, and can be used without interruption, cleaner than fossil fuel. Cons: Can result in air pollution, takes a lot of energy to produce, can be seasonable and competes with food production. Landfill gas, solid waste energy comes from harnessing the decomposition of organic material.

What is the biggest problem with renewable energy?

Energy Storage

Historically, one of the major problems with renewable energy generation is that supplies are far more variable than other means of energy generation. Fluctuations in sunlight levels and wind mean that supplies are less consistent than those derived from fossil fuels.

Is wood a renewable natural resource?

Wood gets its energy from the sun and nutrients in the soil and is a type of biomass fuel (see Facts about Biomass Fuels). … Wood is a renewable resource, which means that additional resources can be grown to replace any wood that is cut down.

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What is a disadvantage of renewable energy Mcq?

The correct answer is option (B) Unreliable supply. The major disadvantage of renewable energy sources is the unreliable supply.