Which is better metal or plastic electrical boxes?

When should you use a metal electrical box?

Your project is in an exposed interior space. Some interior locations, such as unfinished basements, will have non-recessed electrical boxes directly attached to a surface (usually a masonry wall). Since these applications leave wires more exposed, you should use a metal junction box to protect them from damage.

Do metal electrical boxes need to be grounded?

ALL METAL boxes, conduit, etc used in an electrical system needs to be grounded.

Can you use metal boxes with PVC conduit?

Metal or plastic boxes can be used with nonmetallic conduit. Always run a ground wire when using PVC conduit.

What can happen if an outlet is not grounded?

Yes, absolutely. Ungrounded outlets increase the chance of: Electrical fire. Without the ground present, errors that occur with your outlet may cause arcing, sparks and electrical charge that can spawn fire along walls, or on nearby furniture and fixtures.

Can you ground to electrical box?

Don’t ground to the electrical box. Connecting the ground wire to a metal electrical box will energize the box in the event of a short circuit. The box could overheat and start a fire, or someone could get a shock from touching it.

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