Which of the following locations would be best choice for geothermal energy generating plant?

The most active geothermal resources are usually found along major tectonic plate boundaries where most volcanoes are located. One of the most active geothermal areas in the world is called the Ring of Fire, which encircles the Pacific Ocean.

Where is geothermal energy used?

The United States leads the world in the amount of geothermal electricity generation.

Geothermal electricity generation.

State share of total U.S. geothermal electricity generation Geothermal share of total state electricity generation
California 70.5% 6.1%
Nevada 24.5% 10.2%
Utah 2.1% 1.0%
Hawaii 1.2% 2.2%

Which of the following locations would be best suited for a wind farm?

The best places for wind farms are in coastal areas, at the tops of rounded hills, open plains and gaps in mountains – places where the wind is strong and reliable. Some are offshore.

Which of the following is are a type of geothermal energy?

There are three types of geothermal power plants: dry steam, flash steam, and binary cycle. Dry steam power plants draw from underground resources of steam. The steam is piped directly from underground wells to the power plant, where it is directed into a turbine/generator unit.

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What are the 3 main uses of geothermal energy?

Geothermal energy is used in three main ways: direct use, power generation, and ground source heating and cooling: Direct Use: The hot water in geothermal reservoirs produces heat and steam, which can be directly used for multiple purposes. In the past, hot springs were directly used for bathing and cleaning purposes.

What are the main considerations in selecting a site for wind generators?

Some of the main site selection consideration are given below:

  • High annual average wind speed:
  • Availability of anemometry data:
  • Availability of wind V(t) Curve at the proposed site:
  • Wind structure at the proposed site:
  • Altitude of the proposed site:
  • Terrain and its aerodynamic:
  • Local Ecology.

Who builds wind farms?

Top 10 Wind Turbine Manufacturers in the World 2020

Rank Company Headquarters
1 Vestas Aarhus, Denmark
2 Siemens Gamesa Biscay, Spain
3 Goldwind Beijing, China
4 GE Boston, U.S.

Which states are the best locations for wind energy?

Top five US states for wind power production

  1. Texas – 28,843MW. Texas dominates the nation’s wind energy production with a total installed capacity of 28,843MW in 2019. …
  2. Iowa – 10,190MW. …
  3. Oklahoma – 8,172MW. …
  4. Kansas – 6,128MW. …
  5. 5. California – 5,973MW.

What temperature is needed for geothermal energy?

High-temperature geothermal energy can be used to generate electricity or a combination of heat and power. This requires capturing hot water or steam at temperatures of at least 150°C located between 1,500 to 5,000 meters below ground.

What is the ultimate source for geothermal energy quizlet?

What is geothermal Energy? Only renewable energy that is independent of the sun, having its ultimate source within the earth, the form of heat in steam and hot water.

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Which country uses the most geothermal energy?

With an installed capacity of 3,639MW in 2018, the US is the leading producer of geothermal energy across the world, producing 16.7 billion kilowatt hours (kWh) of geothermal energy throughout the year.

What is one advantage of geothermal energy from the options below?

What is one advantage of geothermal energy from the options below? Geothermal energy makes no pollution. Geothermal energy works everywhere on Earth. Geothermal energy relies on the power of the sun.