Which of the nuclear emissions is arranged in order from the least penetrating power to the greatest penetrating power *?

Which list of nuclear emissions is arranged in an order from least penetrating power to the greatest?

The radioactive decay products we will discuss here are alpha, beta, and gamma, ordered by their ability to penetrate matter. Alpha denotes the largest particle, and it penetrates the least. Alpha particles carry a positive charge, beta particles carry a negative charge, and gamma rays are neutral.

Which nuclear emission has no charge and no mass?

Gamma radiation, unlike alpha or beta, does not consist of any particles, instead consisting of a photon of energy being emitted from an unstable nucleus. Having no mass or charge, gamma radiation can travel much farther through air than alpha or beta, losing (on average) half its energy for every 500 feet.

What is mass converted to in a nuclear reaction?

New Page 1. During nuclear changes, either some mass is converted into energy or some energy is converted into mass. Which occurs is dependent upon the specifics of the individual reaction. From this change in mass we can calculate its energy equivalent using Einstein’s equation, E = mc2.

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