Which orientation is electric?

There are three types of thermal energy transfer: conduction, radiation, and convection.

Which orientation of an electric dipole in a uniform electric field would?

-The dipole is in stable equilibrium when it is aligned parallel to the electric field (i.e. the angle between the dipole moment and the electric field is 0∘).

What is the direction of electric moment?

The electric dipole moment, a vector, is directed along the line from negative charge toward positive charge. Dipole moments tend to point along the direction of the surrounding electric field.

What is SI unit of electric dipole moment?

The SI composite unit of electric dipole moment is the ampere second meter.

What will happen if an electric dipole is placed in non uniform electric field?

If an electric dipole is placed in a nonuniform electric field, then the positive and the negative charges of the dipole will experience a net force. And as one end of the dipole is experiencing a force in one direction and the other end in the opposite direction, so the dipole will have a net torque also.

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At what position is the electric dipole in uniform electric eld in its most stable equilibrium position?

The dipole is in constant equilibrium if θ = 0. A dipole in stable equilibrium, when Electric filed and dipole moment are perpendicular to each other i.e. the angle between them is zero degrees and torque will be maximum.

For which orientation in electric field electric dipole has maximum potential energy?

When the angle between the dipole moment and electric field is 180° then the potential energy of electric dipole is maximum.

What is the electric potential due to an electric dipole at an equatorial point?

Electric potential at any point in the equatorial plane of dipole is zero. The electrostatic force on a small sphere of charge 0.4 μC due to another small sphere of charge –0.8 μc in air is 0.2 N.

What is the angle between the direction of electric field at any axial point?

The angle between the direction of electric field at any axial point and equatorial point due an electric dipole is 180∘.