You asked: Who was in the band Power Station?

Who played in Power Station?

It was made up of singer Robert Palmer, former Chic drummer Tony Thompson, and Duran Duran members John Taylor (bass) and Andy Taylor (guitar). Bernard Edwards, also of Chic, was involved on the studio side as recording producer and for a short time also functioned as The Power Station’s manager.

Why did Robert Palmer leave the power station?

Palmer dropped out of the ad hoc rock group in order to complete a solo album he’s currently waxing — and on which he’s behind schedule. … He’s got a great sense of rock ‘n’ roll.” The Power Station musicians never planned to tour together.

What killed Robert Palmer?

How many power stations are there in the UK?

In total, there are more than 2,000 electricity generating stations in the UK.

Who was the drummer in power station?

Who songs Some like it hot?

Some Like It Hot (song)

“Some Like It Hot”
Label Parlophone – R 6091 Capitol – B 5444
Songwriter(s) Andy Taylor, John Taylor, Robert Palmer
Producer(s) Bernard Edwards
The Power Station singles chronology

What happened to Andy Taylor?

The band issued a statement in the wake of his departure, stating they “will be continuing as Duran Duran without Andy, as we have reached a point in our relationship with him where there is an unworkable gulf between us and we can no longer effectively function together”.

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Who sings like hot Some like it hot?